Bandwidth request for "Communities Project"

Dear validators of CyberWay network,

In the nearest future we are going to launch a new app on blockchain CyberWay. It will allow users to create communities similar to subreddits on Reddit, but tokenized ones, or, if you prefer, lots of Steemit or Golos communities.

The application itself will be a content aggregator, where it will be possible not only to publish unique materials but to post links to the content, published on other networks.

The core of the app will consist of communities, each of which will have its own token. Posting will be carried out not in the personal blogs or pages, but via community accounts.

Every user will be able to create its own community, to become its leader, to publish and to moderate its content. Leaders will be responsible for community management and community development. They will determine the economic parameters, like reward distribution, and others.

For the application we chose CyberWay as we believe that it could suit our needs on one hand. And that our application will benefit it on the other hand.

We kindly ask the current validators of CyberWay to confirm the creation of CMN token in the system registry of CyberWay and delegate to the account c.bandwidth
10% of Cyber tokens from the Application Fund.

In case of achieving the goal of 100 000 MAU within one year after the launch of the application that will happen before 1 January 2020, we ask the validators to grant us all the delegated Cyber tokens.

The proposals to be approved by validators could be found here:

Dear validators, I am ready to answer your questions.